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Latexcatsuits for Novices

Latex Tips

Latex is, just like leather, a natural material and needs special care. Here you will find some interesting tips how you should treat it, so you can enjoy it for a long time. In most respects latex is a little bit of a diva and needs to be treated nicely and with respect :).

Putting it on

  • Prior to putting the latex on, use either talkum powder or silicone oil on your body and the insides of the garment.
  • Take care of short fingernails and take your jewellery off.
  • Be patient and don't yank the latex. Work your way up from the legs to the upper body.
  • Start while sitting on the floor. You can stand up later.
  • Folds can be straightened out by (repeatedly) pushing with your ball of the thumb on your body into the right direction.


  • After wearing your latex garment it should be washed within several hours since sweat, dirt and body fats can attack the material.
  • If you were using powder for dressing up and the garment is now stuck to your body, simply take a shower let the water run into the suit.
  • Wash your clothes by hand in lukewarm water and with a mild, perfume free detergent.
  • Hang to dry or use a towel. Don't let it dry in direct sunlight.

Storage and Care

  • Prior to storage the latex garment should be really dry, otherwise it can lead to the formation of mould. Powdering with talkum prevents the sticking together of the latex.
  • Light and dark colored garments should be stored separately, otherwise it can lead to discoloring.
  • Store in a dark and cool place. Use a black trash bag or a freezer bag with a zipper. Heavy garments should be stored flat.
  • Polishing can be accomplished with a lint-free cloth or moleskin, soaked with a spoonful of silicone oil.
  • Latex garments should not be brought in contact with oils and fats or copper (which can discolor the material).