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Latexcatsuits for Novices

Welcome to Catsuitapprentice

Your first catsuit at a fair price

Since I always had an obsession with Latex, I hit on the idea to offer curious people an opportunity to obtain their first catsuit at a fair price.

If you want to get a taste of the Latex World but not going without quality you've come to the right place.

Since I am working for the fun of it, my price scheme is quite modest. But, nevertheless, raw material, equipment and working hours have to be paid for. Just take a look at my offerings page to get an idea.

Catsuitapprentice Service

To help you get started I offer the following services:

  • Check out my News page for current stuff which keeps me going.
  • Check out my Offerings page to download the size chart and get to know my current price list.
  • Check out my Tips page to learn something about the correct care for your latex garments and how to store them the right way.
  • Check out my Contact page to send me a message.

Have fun rummaging!

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