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0.075 °C

This is an excerpt of Krauss's book “The Physics of Climate Change”. Putting things in perspective, considering magnitudes and scales. The highlighted text is specifically provided to show to people who say: “Oceans 0.075 °C warmer is a joke, dude!” Physics of Climate change, page 104

The Dog Park Conundrum

There is a foul stench in my home lately. It's of the rotten kind with nuances of inhumanity and despise. The kind which produces an immediate response of repulsion. Once inside your nose it's hard to get rid of it and there is a fear creeping up the walls that it will stay forever.

It turned out that it was coming from dog poop stuck under my shoes. There is a nice dog park around the corner in my neighbourhood. It's very convenient to reach by foot and the landscaping there is quite nice and invites to take a walk or two.

Fact is, I refused to believe I got the dog poop from the park.

There is a big fancy sign at the gates to the park which points to the fact that dog owners have to clean up the mess of their dogs. There is even a dispenser for free plastic bags near the sign.

But it has to be from the dog park, you go there everyday., my friend said to me. Just because I walk in a park where dogs poop all day long is no direct proof I got it from there. Maybe it's not even dog poop but poop from humans or cats. I walk around different places, you know.

Suffice to say this discussion went on for a long time with me sticking to my opinion about Innocent until proven guilty., i.e. the dogs or the dogs' owners were innocent. He, talking about Odds, Statistical Significance, Common Sense.

I guess I will never find out how the shit got under my shoe, or how I got food poisoning after eating the strange smelling chowder in that sketchy fish restaurant.